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I have owned a Wii ever since it was released by Nintendo in 2006 and it has yet to seriously disappoint me. No other console can boast the variety and wide appeal that the Nintendo Wii has. For instance, without a doubt the Wii is the king of party games and dominates the casual gaming audience. The shear number of games is evidence enough, including the Just Dance franchise, Wii Sports, Mario Party, and the Guitar Hero/Rock Band franchises. All of these games, while not appealing to the hardcore gamers, received high reviews and sold massive amounts of units. Not only that, but the Wii created the fitness craze in gaming that started with Wii Fit and the Wii Balance Board. As an example I can use my family. My mother and sisters don’t like video games at all, but when they say the fitness game they decided to try out the system. We have moved up to party games now as a family and that fact is due to the genius of Nintendo and the Wii’s wide appeal. In the end, the Wii offers a great variety of quality games for all crowds. Try purchasing Wii console bundles to get a wide variety of games. The Wii is a fantastic system that I recommend to all. For wii console bundles just try to link present on this article.


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