Best iPod Nano Model Ever

I recently purchased a previous model Nano because I missed the feel of the click wheel on my original iPod. Unfortunately, I lost it so I had to decide whether to buy another previous model click wheel Nano, or embrace the new touch model. I took the plunge and fully expected to return this new model. However of try it out I found out that the new touch menu system is much faster than the old wheel thingy and the newer models size is unreal! About half the size of the previous click wheel model. The square screen is perfect for album art. Yes, it did lose some features but I was okay with that because the video camera and microphone was of poor quality anyways. It also doesn’t play videos, but seriously, with a screen this small, video has always been useless on the Nano. If you don’t like the tradeoffs then look elsewhere. But if you want an incredibly small and intuitive audio player, then the 8g iPod Nano is perfect for you.


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