Canadian Trampolines Are Now Safer Than Ever

Canadian Trampolines Are Now Safer Than Ever

If you would love to purchase a safe trampoline you need to check out Springfree Trampoline — the world’s safest trampoline. The finest trampolines do more than fulfill designated safety guidelines within the industry; they are actually instrumental in establishing them. The best trampolines are made with first-rate materials and all the individual elements of these trampolines are built and carefully tested on-site as well. If you want to buy a trampoline, you have to take your time and do sufficient research — especially since many traditional trampoline designs simply have not evolved in decades.

Springfree Trampolines are notable for many important reasons:

1. They rely on flexible composite rods rather than springs. These rods are capable of dramatically lessening the chances of injury, reducing product-related injury by 90%. They’re capable of dramatically lessening the chances of pinching as well, as the rods (as well as the frame itself — another injury culprit) are situated right underneath the jumping surface where a bouncer cannot come into contact with it. That’s why the youngsters who use these trampolines don’t ever have to go even remotely near them.

2. Good trampolines are also equipped with fully-concealed frames like the frame on Springfree trampolines. These frames are superior to those that are exposed and visible eliminating one of the most common injury areas on a traditional trampoline. Standard metal trampoline frames encircle the jumping surfaces and as a result are extremely close to jumpers. These trampoline frames simply aren’t safe options. Frames that are situated under jumping surfaces, however, are markedly more secure choices. A Springfree Trampoline is patently safer because the SoftEdge mat provides a completely safe jumping surface. Where the mat ends, the FlexiNet support net begins, leaving no dangerous surface or component parts in view.

3. Typical trampolines use rigid steel poles for their net enclosures, but at Springfree, the same flexible composite material is used to support the FlexiNet poles. They offer dependable net support assistance while also absorbing the energy of the bouncer pushing wayward jumpers back on to the mat.

4. The besttrampolines are also extremely durable. Springfree trampolines don’t need to be taken down in winter and can be left outside all year long. This is because they can tolerate all kinds of weather conditions — even rain and snow. If you want to invest in a high-quality trampoline, you have to make sure it’s tough enough to tolerate Canada’s often extremely fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions.

Canadian Trampolines Are Now Safer Than Ever

The finest trampoline manufacturers have ample support from the industry, as well. Springfree Trampoline is the recipient of several prominent industry examples of which include the International Design Award, the US Family Choice Award and lastly, the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award. Trampoline manufacturers that are safe and reliable construct and test their products on siteto ensure safety and quality standards.

According to many sources, traditional trampolines can often be hazardous. That’s why it’s always vital for parents to buy trampolines from reputable manufacturers and to complete their research before making this important choice.


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