• What Instrument Does Your Kid Want To Play?

    What Instrument Does Your Kid Want To Play?

    A lot of parents share a bad habit when it comes to their child’s musical education. They’re so focused on enrolling them into lessons that they don’t consider which instrument is right for their child. Don’t be that parent. Choosing the wrong one can set your child back, potentially dooming their lessons before they even start. Take the time to explore the options with your kid and choose one that fits their age, personality, and interests.


  • Kumon: Think Beyond Summer

    Kumon: Think Beyond Summer

    Sports clinics, summer camps, family vacation, Kumon…

    Among this list of activities, more often than not, you may view Kumon as just one of the summer programs, something to keep you occupied while school is out.

    Although Kumon is a good way to make your summer productive, Kumon is definitely more than just a summer activity; it is not done in a short period of time, or in this case, two months. For you to reap its full benefits, long-term commitment is needed.


  • Balancing The Two S’s — Sports And Studies

    Balancing The Two S's - Sports And Studies

    People would say that you could focus yourself in only one aspect and must sacrifice the other or say “you cannot serve two masters at the same times.” This is the usual case in the life of student-athletes. Some of them would rise above the rest in their field while falling from the pack when it comes to their grades. (more…)

  • Teen Stress – A Preventable Epidemic

    Teen Stress - A Preventable Epidemic

    According to a survey undertaken by the American Psychological Association in 2010, almost 1/3 of teenagers and even younger children are regularly so stressed and anxious that it manifests in physical symptoms such as nausea, trembling, and sleeplessness. Even more worrying is the fact that many teens appear to have stress levels equivalent to or above those which are experienced by adults. (more…)