• Home Renovation

    Home Renovation

    Planning a home renovation can be a daunting task for a homeowner who’s inexperienced in the building and construction world. Still, there are many advantages to remodeling a home, from finally achieving the style of home you’ve always dreamed of, to getting more space and more value out of your home, both emotionally and financially.


  • Winter-Proof Roof

    Winter-Proof Roof

    Climate change has brought about harsher weather conditions and this includes colder than usual winter days with unusually heavy snowfall. Since this is the case, it’s a must to prepare your home for cold weather not just in terms of protecting your roof and other parts of the house but also lowering your utility bills. Be sure to clean the gutters. Over time, leaves and debris have surely accumulated in your gutter and this will clog the downspouts if not cleared. (more…)

  • Change Is Coming, Make Way For CD-R King LED Light Tube

    Change Is Coming, Make Way For CD-R King LED Light Tube

    Disruption in technology has changed the way we live. As the cliche goes “Nothing is permanent except change”. What seemed to be a harmless household product, later on proved to be harmful in the long run. Years after fluorescent was discovered, it was found that fluorescent gives off a small amount of ultraviolet light and that 8 hours of exposure under a fluorescent light is already equivalent to an hour of sun exposure.