• The Things That 2017 Has Taught Me

    The year that has passed has been a whirlwind. 2017 was full of activities, of exciting moments, of travel, but it was also a year of sickness and also death in the family.

    But we do not give up. We should not give up. As long as we have life, we have hope. We only have bad moments, or even bad days, but all in all, it is still a good life.

    The Things That 2017 Has Taught Me


  • My Mom, My Unsung Hero #HusayAtMalasakit

    My Mom, My Unsung Hero #HusayAtMalasakit

    Almost all women can bear a child but not all can be good, dedicated mothers. Indeed, motherhood is a choice you make everyday, to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own. Having said that, I’ve always admired my mom, Mely. She is certainly my unsung hero. No amount of thank you’s would be enough to show my appreciation of everything that she has done for me since I was a child until now. (more…)

  • Help Unspam Twenteen Mom On Facebook!

    If you’ve been following me on Facebook & Twitter, you’ll definitely know what happened to me and to my blog last night. Want a clue? I encountered a major problem with Facebook. Yes, the mighty Facebook. Sigh.

    I felt really bad when I found out that Facebook marked TwenteenMom.com as SPAM. Seriously?! I don’t even have a clue why they did it, and what’s the reason behind it. I was planning to contact Facebook but I don’t even know where or how.

    Anyway, an online buddy advised that I should let my friends click the www.twenteenmom.com link on Facebook then the NOT SPAM button afterwards. This process is kind of tiring but I guess this is the only option I have.


  • Twenteen Mom: Parenting Blog

    Twenteen Mom: Parenting Blog

    I have decided to transform Twenteen Mom from a personal blog into a parenting and family blog. I want to share practical tips on parenting and some other parenting ideas such as helpful advices, strategies, pointers, and more. I really hope you find the content of this site inspiring and helpful.