Design Your Space

Design Your Space

Create a niche that fits your lifestyle needs and enhances your daily work and play experience.

Be Inspired

Spend some time flipping through design books and magazines, create a Pinterest board and troll the Internet for looks that make sense to you. Get out of your head and visit home and lifestyle shops. Because 21st century work environments are highly individualized these days, chances are your own inspiration will be lifted from dozens of places, until you come up with a look that’s uniquely yours.

Work Out Your Space Planning

List down the activities that fill your day — work-related or not. Divide up your office space to accommodate whatever fills your schedule, whether it’s installing a coffee bar so you can start your day with your signature shot of espresso, or creating a nook that you and your co-workers can lounge and brainstorm in (floor pillow, anyone?). Clear out the floor for a yoga mat, or plan for a console to house your Xbox. Elevate the use of your vibrant workspace so it goes beyond the office To Do’s.

Make Room For Function

With any work comes some form of clutter. Keep your office tidy and ready to face the perfect junk storm by adding functional elements to your space. Trays you can place in your pullout desk drawers to separate junk change from paperclips; file holders to store magazines and paperwork you can’t discard; and shelves to hold everything from décor to office supplies. Storage solutions are key, whether your aesthetic is electric and busy, or sparse and minimalist.

Show Some Personality

Got a thing for vintage records? Keep album covers framed for your wall. An active lifestyle eco-warrior? Put that NYFTI bike on display. If you’re gunning for a workstyle that embraces both the serious and the fun stuff, you’ll want a space that embodies your interests. Your career is about you. Your space is about you. Add bits and bobs that keep you inspired when you need something other than that Excel workbook to stare at. Uplift your individual workstyle on a whole new scale.


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