Four Special Keepsake Anniversary Gifts

Four Special Keepsake Anniversary Gifts

A wedding anniversary is a special occasion no matter how many years are being celebrated, but some years feel like real milestones. When those years roll around, here are four ideas to consider that will help you to treasure your special relationship for even more years to come.

Jewelry is a traditional gift that many couples enjoy giving to one another. Although certain jewels are associated with certain anniversary years, any year can be a good time to express a lasting commitment. Matching anniversary rings can be a lovely way to echo the love first expressed when you exchanged wedding bands. The rings can be completely matched or complementary in patterns and colors.

A keepsake figurine, like those in the Willow Tree Collection, can grace a mantel or shelf in your home and remind you both of the love you share every day. Willow Tree makes several figurines especially for anniversaries, including embracing or dancing couples. They even make anniversary cake toppers and musical figurines. You can usually find their simple resin figures in gift stores like Coppin’s Gifts or in department stores.

Photographs can be a wonderful way to capture and keep shared memories. Many online photo vendors offer an array of ways you can showcase special moments of your life together. A photo album is one traditional way, but you could also have t-shirts, calendars, mugs, tote bags or an array of other items printed with a special photo. Tabletop photo panels, framed photos, pillows and ornaments are a few other special photo keepsakes you can customize for a special anniversary.

A personal memento that is specific to a particular shared memory can be one of the most unique anniversary gifts. Every marriage has those specific moments that stand out, whether it’s a favorite shared movie you love to quote from, a favorite restaurant you’ve eaten at repeatedly, or a vacation you’ll never forget. Spend some time together creating a memento of a place or thing special to you both, such as a framed menu or a special painting of your pet vacation spot.

Flowers and candy can be delightful, but the nice thing about anniversary keepsakes is that you can keep them. Gifts like this are daily reminders of shared love through the years.


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