How To Be The Best Driving Instructor For Your Kids

How To Be The Best Driving Instructor For Your Kids

For teenagers, learning to drive is a rite of passage and one of the first steps they take into adulthood. It can be a nerve wracking time for parents — not only do you have to face the fact that your children are growing up, but teaching people to drive is a very different experience to driving a car yourself.

Below is a list of tips that can help you be a good driving instructor for them.

Refresh Your Road Rules

No matter how safe a driver you area, it’s important to stay up to date by studying their learner handbook with them and familiarizing yourself with the road rules. Chances are you do know them, but when you’ve been driving for a long time it’s easy to become complacent or out of the loop of some of the technicalities. It can also be a good time to assess your own driving style to make sure you’re setting a good example.

Start Slow

Spend time before they actually hit the road getting them familiar with the car. Teach them how to adjust the seat and mirrors, and show them where things like the indicator, hazard lights and other tools are. Find somewhere safe and quiet for them to start out before you have them driving in traffic. A shopping center car park can be a good place to give them a feel for the car and learn some parking basics — just be sure to head there only after hours!

Combine Home Teaching with Professional Lessons

Set aside some budget in advance to supplement your teaching with some professional lessons. Driving is a skill for life and professional driving instructors can help to not only ensure that your teenager is learning best practices for safe driving from the start, but will also prepare for their practical exam.

Get Instructor Mirrors

These are not a legal requirement but can make your time driving with the learner a safer experience. Supplementary mirrors help ensure you can clearly see what is going on around you and guide your child appropriately. You can order them at most auto supply shops and they are also readily available online.

Prepare Them for the Worst

It’s something no parent wants to consider, but chances are at some stage your child may be involved in a traffic accident of some kind. It is important to teach them not only safe driving practices but also what to do in an emergency situation. At you’ll find some handy resources that can help with claiming restitution from the other driver in a not at fault claim.

Preparation and planning go a long way towards making learning to drive a stress free experience for the family. It can be a good idea to start talking to your teenagers before they go for their learners’ permit – as you’re driving around with them, talk to them about road rules and how to drive safely. It will help to set them up for a life of safe road use.

What tips would you give to a parent teaching their children how to drive?


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  1. Deanna

    November 23, 2014 at 1:44 am

    Thanks for the tips. I guess I have taught other adults so the kids shouldn’t be a problem. Yikes.

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