Kumon: Think Beyond Summer

Kumon: Think Beyond Summer

Sports clinics, summer camps, family vacation, Kumon…

Among this list of activities, more often than not, you may view Kumon as just one of the summer programs, something to keep you occupied while school is out.

Although Kumon is a good way to make your summer productive, Kumon is definitely more than just a summer activity; it is not done in a short period of time, or in this case, two months. For you to reap its full benefits, long-term commitment is needed.

Beginning at a low starting point gives you a ‘running start’ on the worksheets, helping you gain momentum that will allow you to advance smoothly to higher levels. And as you progress, you will soon answer topics that are not only challenging, but are also beyond your school level.

This however, is only possible if you continuously answer your worksheets even on summer break because Kumon works more effectively when it is done regularly; it is one of the key principles that makes the method effective.

When Mr. Toru Kumon started the program for his son Takeshi, he realized how daily study improved Takeshi’s performance. He did not teach Takeshi, but simply gave him worksheets to answer everyday. The worksheets were designed in small steps that allowed Takeshi to learn a topic before moving on the next lesson. As answering the worksheets became a daily habit, Takeshi honed his skills, increased his knowledge, and even developed his character. He even exceeded his father’s expectations by answering calculus while he was still in sixth grade!

Wouldn’t you want to be just like him?

Therefore, if you quit early or if you skip your Kumon study especially this summer, you will miss the chance of developing further strong academic skills and fully experiencing other benefits. So, summer break doesn’t mean you also have to take a break from learning. Make sure to stay focused with your worksheet study and be dedicated with your Kumon study time. You can also talk to your instructor on what is the most suitable workload for you this summer that will enable you to maximize your learning along side you fun-filled activities during your vacation.

In Kumon, patience, hard work, and dedication to daily study are needed to acquire its benefits as it is not a magic potion that promises instant results. However, all you hard work will soon pay off as you will reap the benefit of having a strong academic footing not just for your next test to take, but for the rest of your life. You’ll gain confidence in your ability to learn and overcome obstacles in learning, and develop good study habits that will proper you towards achieving your aspirations. So would you mind sacrificing a little if you can get something bigger in return?

So, are you up to the challenge to make the most out of your school break? Enjoy the summer while learning with Kumon!


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