• Home Renovation

    Home Renovation

    Planning a home renovation can be a daunting task for a homeowner who’s inexperienced in the building and construction world. Still, there are many advantages to remodeling a home, from finally achieving the style of home you’ve always dreamed of, to getting more space and more value out of your home, both emotionally and financially.


  • Livestock Insurance

    Livestock Insurance

    It’s hard to put a price on a life, but people who are in the business of raising livestock know that protecting the value of their prize investment in their animals is the key to ongoing stability and success. At the Ark Agency, they understand how valuable your animals are, and how unforeseen events like illness or accidents can quickly rob you of your livestock and your investment in them. (more…)

  • What Instrument Does Your Kid Want To Play?

    What Instrument Does Your Kid Want To Play?

    A lot of parents share a bad habit when it comes to their child’s musical education. They’re so focused on enrolling them into lessons that they don’t consider which instrument is right for their child. Don’t be that parent. Choosing the wrong one can set your child back, potentially dooming their lessons before they even start. Take the time to explore the options with your kid and choose one that fits their age, personality, and interests.