The Right Underwear For Your Kids

The Right Underwear For Your Kids

Being now a mom of a grade schooler, I can safely say that I’m already an expert when it comes to buying kids’ underwear. I’ve bought them from different stores and in various cuts. It’s important to buy the right underwear and every parent should know this. When it comes to little boys, purchase either standard briefs or boxer briefs. A lot of kids like boxer briefs because they’re cut like shorts so they’re comfortable and less likely to ride up. Pick cotton briefs with spandex because they’re breathable and stretchy. As for the design, simple patterns with solid colors are the best. Always choose high quality briefs so that your children will be able to use them for a long time.

There are more shapes and choices when it comes to little girls. Different cuts include bikini briefs, hipsters, boy shorts etc. Typically, girls’ underwear is thinner, therefore they’re of lesser quality. I always buy those that are breathable and stretchy as well as those with a wide elastic waistband. I look for designs with simple patterns, solid colors, wide coverage, and those that don’t ride up as much. New moms might find it daunting to shop for children’s underwear. Don’t worry though since there are so many online stores that sell them. I found underwear and comfortable panties at Zalora, among other stores.


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