What To Wear When Pregnant

What To Wear When Pregnant

I have always considered myself to be a fashionista. I make sure that I wear clothes that suit me and are fashionable. Knowing that I look good boosts my self confidence enabling me to take on everyday life and the challenges that come with it at a more positive light. But when I was pregnant I was frustrated because I had a hard time finding clothes that not only fit perfectly but were also stylish. I felt lousy inside but felt even lousier outside. I did not want to look unattractive just because I was pregnant. Nowadays, stylish maternity wear is widely available at many online stores at affordable prices. Gone are the days when there are only shapeless smocks.

What To Wear When Pregnant

Shopping for great maternity clothes is challenging but with a few tips it can totally be enjoyable and easy. Remember to buy tops that will make the most of your baby bump. Wear maternity skirts with a cloth waistband because they are cut to flatter fuller figures. You cannot just wear any shirt, instead go for shirts with a low-cut neckline, empire waist, side ties or a ruched, gathered hem under the tummy. Avoid baggy, loose fabric that makes you look even bigger and instead wear empire-waisted dresses that hug your figure or that tie in the back.

What To Wear When Pregnant

Finding jeans that fit is difficult so purchase bootleg-cut jeans made of stretchy material. Also make sure to buy leggings with stylish prints and nice colors. Do not always wear black, navy blue, and gray. Remember to buy maternity wear in different stages of pregnancy. The clothes that fit you when you were three months pregnant will definitely not fit anymore when you are eight or nine months pregnant. For all your maternity clothes, shop at Zalora. They have a nice selection of maternity wear. You can take a look at Zalora’s big range of fashion for moms-to-be from Buntis here.


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  1. Deanna

    November 19, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    Thanks for the tips. I can’t stand looking frumpy even if that’s how I feel. There are too many cute clothes options out there!

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