• How To Travel Hassle-Free With Small Children

    How To Travel Hassle-Free With Small Children

    For traveling parents the biggest single cause of stress is probably the idea of flying with kids. The likelihood of keeping them still and happy for hours while on a flight can be scary. There are tips that you can follow that will make your air travel smooth sailing and keep everyone happy and contented. It’s a must to get to the airport early because it takes a lot of time to get through the airport and security, and the time at the airport can enable your child to exercise in preparation for the long car ride and the flights.


  • Proteksyong Plus Ng Ceelin Plus: Your Child’s Shield Against Illnesses

    Climate change has brought about many drastic weather changes that’s scary and alarming. Typhoons have become stronger and more frequent and the El Nino phenomenon has brought about country-wide drought. The amount of rainfall has tripled and has brought about constant flooding and with this the rise of sicknesses/diseases like measles, dengue, chicken pox, Zika virus etc.

    Proteksyong Plus Ng Ceelin Plus: Your Child's Shield Against Illnesses


  • Plus-Size Swimwear Looks Better Than Ever, So Find Yours Online

    Have you noticed the hot new trend in the fashion world that has begun to embrace plus-size swimwear? The fashion industry has finally started to celebrate the fact that not all women are a size 2. Shopping for curve-friendly swimwear used to be a challenge for women, but it has become a lot easier and many companies offer a variety of stylish options for every body type. Women can now see many plus-size women on magazine covers and featured in articles, while also noticing plus-size models like Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday giving talks to packed halls — empowering women to embrace their curves and find the right swimsuit for their body type.