• Fun Trampolines And Accessories

    Fun Trampolines And Accessories

    Springless trampolines remove all the dangerous design elements present in traditional trampolines and give more jumping space. They provide a soft and non-jarring bounce with the use of flexible fiberglass rods that lie out of harm’s way beneath the jumping surface. The frames also lie well beneath the jumping surface so they cannot be hit. The net enclosure has flexible supports to prevent falls and cushion jumpers, and the jumpers are directed back to the center of the mat and do not make contact with the enclosure rods.


  • Winter-Proof Roof

    Winter-Proof Roof

    Climate change has brought about harsher weather conditions and this includes colder than usual winter days with unusually heavy snowfall. Since this is the case, it’s a must to prepare your home for cold weather not just in terms of protecting your roof and other parts of the house but also lowering your utility bills. Be sure to clean the gutters. Over time, leaves and debris have surely accumulated in your gutter and this will clog the downspouts if not cleared. (more…)

  • Unmasking Your Thyroid: Raising Thyroid Disorder Awareness

    Unmasking Your Thyroid: Raising Thyroid Disorder Awareness

    The thyroid gland is a small, butterfly-shaped organ found at the lower middle part of the neck. It is sometimes referred to as the “master controller” of metabolism, and is important to health and well-being.

    Sure that what comes to your mind whenever you heard about thyroid is the existence of goiter in mostly women. And yes, thyroid disorder awareness is about raising awareness of the said disorder.