• Common Plumbing Issues And How To Fix Them

    Common Plumbing Issues And How To Fix Them

    Plumbing, as you know, is a necessity rather than a luxury. While we may be able to compromise on luxuries, we definitely can’t “make do” with necessities. What that means is when a plumbing issue arises, many homeowners go into panic mode. In fact, plumbing repairs are one of the most common problems we all face at some point. Knowing what problems to look out for can help you solve an issue yourself or know when to call out the professionals.


  • Christmas In The Philippines

    Christmas In The Philippines

    Year in and year out, Christmas is the one season that Filipinos gleefully look forward to. Students may feel stressed because of tons of school work, but when the calendar marks the start of the ber months — September, October, November, and December — their spirits lighten up and they excitedly look forward to saving even a small portion of their allowance just to buy gifts for their loved ones.


  • Family Fun In The Sun: 3 Reasons California Is The Place To Be

    Family Fun In The Sun: 3 Reasons California Is The Place To Be

    As the third largest state in the country, California boasts several destinations that can cater to the different tastes of travelers. With its great weather, and abundance of natural and man-made attractions, tourist flock to the state, making California one of the most visited states in the country. Whether you’re looking to have fun with your family or spending a romantic week away with your significant other, California has it all. Here are three of the best reasons California is the place to be.


  • 5 Signs It’s Time To Find Another Child Care Centre

    5 Signs It's Time To Find Another Child Care Centre

    While you may well believe you have found the best child care centre for your child, are you really sure? It’s essential to know what to look for in an exceptional day care centre, and any signs that may indicate that there are problems. If you are unable to be with your child during the working day, there’s no doubt you want to ensure he or she receives the best possible care. Here are signs to look out for that indicate the child care centre is not working out for your child.