• Expo Mom 2016 Goes To Bacolod

    Expo Mom 2016 Goes To Bacolod

    I’ve had a lot of wonderful experiences in my life but I could say with absolute certainty that the most precious and memorable one was when I became a mother. Nothing can compare to the moment when I first saw my daughter. The feeling was a mixture of happiness, peace, and awe that I was able to bore this precious gift from God for nine months and now she’s finally here. There’s nothing easy about motherhood. It has its ups and downs and there are times when you feel like you’re at the end of your rope. But I’ve always stuck to my commitment to be the best mother I can possibly be and I’d never exchange this opportunity for anything else. (more…)

  • The Science Behind Mobile Spy Apps

    XNSPY: The Science Behind Mobile Spy Apps

    Have you heard of mobile spy apps? It is a big thing these days as there are many people who are for it and many who are against it, especially when it comes to monitoring kids by parents and monitoring employees by companies. There is also a third, a less controversial aspect to using such apps and that is for personal data security and partial data backup. (more…)

  • Keep Your Child On Track

    Keep Your Child On Track

    It’s summer time! It’s the perfect time to have fun under the sun and get a well-deserved break from all school work.

    But summer break doesn’t necessarily mean a break from learning. According to studies from the Journal of Educational Research published in Straightalk, a publication for Kumon parents in North America, “Without any academic stimulation over long breaks, children can lose approximately 2.6 months of knowledge. This loss can have a negative effect when they return to the classroom.”