• Caring For Baby’s Delicate Skin

    Caring For Baby's Delicate Skin

    When it comes to caring for baby’s delicate skin, gentle is the best way to go. To make simple body oils, cleansers, balms etc., moisturizing butters, nourishing oils, and mild hydrosols can be used. Always keep in mind though that almost anything can be a possible allergen. Even with the most natural ingredients, babies can have an allergic reaction and the extent of it is dependent on the baby’s sensitivity level. Carefully observe how your baby’s skin will react to new ingredients and if your baby has existing allergies, consult your doctor first before introducing any new ingredients in their skin care regimen.


  • Jerry O’Connell Talks About Preparing His Twins For Life

    Jerry O'Connell Talks About Preparing His Twins For Life

    As we know, it is the parents’ job to mold their kids into the person they want them to be. Everything that a child learns begins at home. This is why it’s very important that parents spend time with their kids and teach them the foundations of life. This applies to all, even to celebrity parents. And talking about celebrity parents, let’s see what important lessons Jerry O’Connell is teaching his twins.


  • Global Filipino Schools Enhance eLearning With 220 Tablet Donation From Cloudfone

    Global Filipino Schools Enhance Elearning With 220 Tablet Donation From Cloudfone

    In the photo: Students of Andres Bonifacio Integrated School listen intently to a Globe employee volunteer who reads them a story using the Cloudpad 900TV tablet.

    Select public schools under the Global Filipino School (GFS) program of Globe Telecom can now further enhance digital learning and promote love of reading among K-12 students through the help of 220 tablets donated by Cloudfone, one of the leading providers of smartphones and tablets in the country.