10 Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts For Second-Time Moms

10 Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts For Second-Time Moms

Many people tend to think that celebrating the birth of a baby is a necessity, no matter how many siblings come before them. But, this often leaves guests wondering what to bring to a baby shower for a mother who may already have strollers, high chairs, and other essentials.

Here’s the good news: there are still loads of choices for baby shower gifts for moms that already have a kid or two. Check out our ideas below.

1. Brand-New Bibs

Bibs tends to get stained and thrown out after a lot of use, so you can welcome the newest baby to the family with a fresh set of bibs just for him or her.

2. New Blankets

Like bibs, blankets go through a great deal of washing, wear, and tear, as they are carted from stroller to crib, and all over the place. You can give mom-to-be a couple of plush, soft blankets or even a very special receiving blanket just for the new baby’s arrival.

3. A Car Seat Cover

Chances are that the mother-to-be is using an old car seat which could be covered with spit up and food stains. While washing it down does help, a full-proof way of sprucing up the old seat is to mask it with a fresh, new seat cover.

4. Onesies

White onesies are another item that end up being trashed after a few months of wearing and washing, and being strewn with food and poop stains. Show the new baby a little love with a pristine new set of white onesies.

5. Mattress Pads

A lot of mothers tend to use the same mattress for each child they have, but the mattress pads can get worn and grubby, and even stained. You refresh her stock with a more organic option that will ensure baby gets a good night’s sleep.

6. Hire a Cleaning Service

What could be more luxurious than the gift of a clean home for a busy mom, be it before the new baby arrives or just after. When you have older children to look after, too, finding time to clean when you’re about to give birth or have recently brought the new baby home may not happen, and this is sure to be a welcome though when it comes to baby shower gifts and presents.

7. Offer to Babysit

All parents love free babysitting. You could offer to take the older children out for a couple of hours so mom and new baby can nap together.

8. Breast Pump Supplies

If mom is going to be pumping for the second time, she could already have a decent breast pump, but accessories to update sections like membranes are sure to be well received.

9. Pampering

A new mother could always use a little pampering. Grab her a gift card or two for a manicure and pedicure and then give her that hour all to herself while you take up babysitting duties.

10. Spa Day

More pampering! Giving the gift of spa time for relaxation is a great gift. Mom can get a massage, a special treatment of her choosing, and take time to rejuvenate and feel refreshed.

If you’re looking for a gift for second-time moms, any of the items we suggested can be a great choice.


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