10 Ideas To Make Your Birthday Party A Hit

10 Ideas To Make Your Birthday Party A Hit

It has to be said; your birthday is probably one of the best reasons to have a party, especially if it’s a big milestone year, like 21 or 50. If you’re planning a birthday party for yourself or for a loved one, you want to make sure that it is a massive hit for absolutely everyone. Here are 10 ideas for making your party fun and memorable.

1. Croquembouche

That’s a tower of profiteroles to you and me! This decadent dessert is traditionally for French weddings but is now enjoyed for lots of different occasions and makes a show-stopping centre piece on a buffet table. You can get a keen baker friend to make it for you, but assembly can be tricky if they’ve never made one before.

2. Decade You Were Born In Theme

Themed parties are great, as are fancy dress parties, so styling your party on the decade you were born in and combing these will really make your party go with a boom! As well as just the dress code and music, you can try matching the food and decor with your theme, for example cheese fondue for a 70s party or psychedelic flowers for swinging sixties.

3. Photo Booth

Party photo booths are one of the biggest trends for parties at the moment and they make a really eye-catching focal point for your party as well as providing instant fun photos for your guests to take home with them. One of the leading hire companies, Megabooth, can decorate your party photo booth and supply accessories to add to the fun and to help them fit in with your theme (especially useful if you’re having a retro theme, like suggested above!)

4. Hire A Cocktail Waiter

A cocktail waiter not only gives your party instant sophistication, a hired mixologist can whip up signature cocktails for your guests and entertain them with their cocktail shaking skills.

5. Karaoke

It’s cheesy, it can be embarrassing and it takes some Dutch courage, but who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned sing-along?

6. Caricaturist

If you want something that is low-key but will still keep your guests entertained, a speedy caricaturist going from table to table is a great idea and is something really different and unusual.

7. Fireworks

People often reserve fireworks for New Year’s Eve or Bonfire Night, but they can be great for any occasion. They end your night with a bang (quite literally!) and everybody will watch them in awe. You could pass out sparklers as well.

8. Make An Entrance

Slightly OTT, but arriving at your own party late and getting the DJ to play an ‘entrance song’ for you, kind of the polar opposite to a surprise party, is outrageous but is something that will amuse your guests and have them talking about your party for years to come.

9. Box Of Hats

There’s something about dressing up for a party that makes them even more fun and lively, but it can be costly for your guests and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Have a massive box of various hats at the entrance so your guests can pick and choose.

10. Sumo Wrestling

Not flying in actual sumo wrestlers from Japan, but hiring inflatable suits and pitting your guests against each other! It’s lively, a bit silly and people get to join in if they want to.

Any one of these ideas, or a combination of them are sure to make your party a fantastic hit with all your guests.


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