10 Things No One Told You About Having Twins

10 Things No One Told You About Having Twins

There are lots of sources of information you can find about being a new parent. Whether you’re carrying one or multiple babies, there are books, websites, and classes that will help you be prepared. Despite this, there are several things no one would tell you. These are usually concepts that you will learn for yourself as a parent of twins:

  1. You will attract a lot of attention. Not you specifically, but your twins. Many people will ask about how they were conceived, if you breastfeed, and other questions.
  2. It’s hard, but usually not as hard as having two kids with different ages. Having twins does mean you need to work hard. But there are actually advantages of having multiples, particularly when compared to raising children with different ages. One is that you can focus on just one age and you don’t have to multitask for different stages and ages.
  3. Have the same schedule for the twins. You can handle the babies efficiently if you make sure they both have similar schedules for sleeping, eating, and other activities.
  4. You don’t need two of everything. Of course, clothes and shoes, for example, should be one for each baby. However, cradles, bottles, soap, and toys can just be bought for one.
  5. You have a bigger belly. Moms who are pregnant with twins have bigger bellies than those who are carrying just one baby. This can make things difficult, including looking for clothes and even sleeping. Pregnant women, whether carrying single or multiple babies, are recommended to sleep on their side. There are mattresses best for side sleepers that can help you sleep better as your tummy grows bigger.
  6. Your twins will not have the same mood all the time. One thing that you can be thankful for is that your twins will not throw tantrums at the same time, which will allow you to handle both of them easier.
  7. Simultaneous breastfeeding can happen. And it will probably happen a lot of times. It is a difficult task, but it shouldn’t be as you practice and become good at it. You can support your body better if you have pillows to prop you up and your twins are on each side of your torso.

No one is an expert the first time. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your family and friends as you also need to rest. Taking care of your twins is a very hectic task; so as much as possible, regain the energy you lost while there are other people ready to assist you.


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