3 No-Bake Desserts To Make With Your Kids

3 No-Bake Desserts To Make With Your Kids

Hey mommies! It’s that time of the year again — when you have to keep your kids happy, interested and un-bored for the long summer days at home. While we can’t possibly keep them at the beach for two whole months, we could surely find fun summer activities for kids at home.

And what could be better a summer activity than food activity? Forget the safety hazard — these suggestions are all safe — here are your 3 no-bake dessert ideas to make with your kids:

1. Ice Cream Cake

On the level of kid’s interest, ice cream is an absolute check. And so is cake. Put them together and voila: pure kid awesomeness. Two ways to make the ice cream cake: you can make thin layers of sponge cakes, with your favorite ice cream flavors in between; or you can use the ever reliable Graham’s crackers. For a more pie-esque base, use crushed grahams with melted butter, mix together until crumbles form and put in your casserole plates (or ramekins for smaller servings).

2. Banana Split

Nothing could be simpler a dessert than banana split: two pieces of ripe bananas, ice cream, and your choice of toppers — sprinkles, chocolate syrups, nuts. Boy it’s just getting better, these are the kinds of summer activities for kids at home that you, mommy, could use yourself!

3. Fruity Popsicles

Who doesn’t love those cold, sweet treats called popsicles in summertime? You don’t need to wait for Mamang Sorbetero for your cold fix; you need some fruit juice flavors, cups, and popsicle sticks easily available in your supermarkets. Fill cups with juice, pop in the sticks. You can pop the sticks in parchment paper before popping it in the cups; the parchment will hold the stick in place until the popsicles form. You can also use jelly for a twist!

Give your kids a very fun summer, and very happy tummies too. Food has never only been about men and their hearts; this is surely one perfect way to any kid’s heart.

What other summer activities for kids at home could you think of?


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