5 Ways To Give Your iPhone 5 A Fresh New Look

5 Ways To Give Your iPhone 5 A Fresh New Look

Is your iPhone 5 getting a bit old looking both inside and out. They say a change is as good as a holiday. Many of use our iPhone for both work and play and after a while it might start to feel like we are looking at the same old, same old. Here are 5 ways to give your iPhone a facelift both inside and out, that will have you feeling fresher and newer in no time.

New Case

Not only does your iphone 5 cover protect your phone but it says something about your personality. So if you are having a makeover of your life, then why not include a new look for your iPhone case in the deal. There are so many different designs and colors available in cases and you can choose one that reflects the new look that you are bringing into your life.


Tired of the same old smiley faces that you have been using for years? Getting a new emoticon app will spice up your life and make sending text messages and emails a lot more fun. Instead of the regular ones that you have been using for years, the new emoticon apps can provide a whole range of different emotions to suit any message. A lot of fun for just a little bit of effort!


There are heaps of different wallpapers available to give your iPhone a new look for when you are using it. Most of the apps are free and come with heaps of really cool different wallpaper designs to give your iPhone an interesting and different new look that you can change whenever you feel the need to update your style, and to suit the changes in your life.

Pimp Your Screen

Remember back when we all had a myspace page and were able to pimp our profile. Well you can do it again with your iPhone too! If you are looking to update your phone and your life then why not pimp your screen? Download one of the many apps to give your phone a look that is new and exciting and says something uniquely different about you.

New Handsfree

For those of us who are conscious about the electromagnetic issues with safety and using our iPhone in such a way that we are protecting ourselves against damage to our head a handsfree head set is a great way of ensuring our safety. If you’ve been using the same old one for ages then why not treat yourself to a new one and try something different to go with your new look. There are some really awesome ones on the market now that reflect the different personalities of the user. The old school phone handle one is not only a cool way of doing this but will give people a laugh when they see you walking down the street talking on a big red handset.


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