A Family’s Dream Home Courtesy Of Samsung

A Family's Dream Home Courtesy Of Samsung

A happy home always conjures up images of my family and I happily enjoying our time together, talking, laughing, and even just quietly sitting together doing our own stuff in a place that’s comfortable and relaxing. A home where you can enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

A Family's Dream Home Courtesy Of Samsung

With the help of Samsung products, realizing your dream home is not far fetched. Regardless of family size, age, interest, or location, there’s definitely a Samsung product that’s right for everyone. Each product lives up to its reputation, satisfying millions of customers.

A Family's Dream Home Courtesy Of Samsung

Samsung home appliances are also heaven sent for moms like me because instead of spending long hours doing household chores, I’ll be able to have quality time with my husband and daughter. They really make doing chores simpler, easier, and more fun.

Samsung is once again offering a whole new home experience for the Filipino family with its newest advanced, top-of-the-line digital products geared towards helping elevate their lifestyles. The following Samsung home appliances are a must-have:

A Family's Dream Home Courtesy Of Samsung


The new Samsung SUHD TV has nano-crystal technology and re-mastering picture quality engine that produce 64 times more color expression than conventional TVs and is 2.5 times brighter than conventional UHD TVs. Also available are Samsung LED, Smart, and UHD TVs.

A Family's Dream Home Courtesy Of Samsung

Home Entertainment Solutions

The Samsung Wireless Audio 360 produces balanced sound in all directions and has a built-in Wifi for controlling the audio system. There’s also the TV’s Curved Soundbar for more clarity and enhanced surround sound.

A Family's Dream Home Courtesy Of Samsung


The Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator (FSR) has a revolutionary design which offers more space and organization choices. It also has a metal cooling door that restores the temperature in the fridge faster.

A Family's Dream Home Courtesy Of Samsung

Washing Machines

The Samsung Activdualwash has a dedicated built-in sink, washboard, and water jet built right into the washer. This washing machine combines ergonomic design with cutting edge technology.

A Family's Dream Home Courtesy Of Samsung


The Samsung AR7000 Air Conditioner features a triangular design enabling faster, further, and wider cooling. It likewise has Virus Doctor and an easy filter that maintains the air’s cleanliness.

A Family's Dream Home Courtesy Of Samsung

Smart Ovens

This Samsung Smart Oven has the Slim Fry Technology for oil-free frying and has features that make it the all-in-one cooking solution.


For more information, please visit Samsung Philippines’ Facebook page or follow them via Twitter. Full details about the new Samsung products at their website.

  • Website: www.samsung.com/ph
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/SamsungPH
  • Twitter: www.twitter.com/samsungph


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