A Teenage Girl’s Dream House

I had a talk with my young cousin after a long time. Oh my, time has passed by so quick I didn’t notice she was starting to become a lady — with many difference from how she was before, a childish kid.

She shared to me that they will be moving out of their old house so she was asked by her mom what she wanted in there and so she wanted me to give her ideas because she knows I was into this kind of stuff somehow.

She told me she loved pink so I recommended her seventeen bedding that I know of which was really comfortable to sleep at. I told her about the dressing tables with mirror as well. Then she had to go soon because her mom told her to sleep early for her classes tomorrow.

She thanked me and I felt so happy! I think she’ll be getting a moon chair for her siblings too, how sweet of her and I’m glad I’ve been able to help her in my little way.


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