Balancing The Two S’s — Sports And Studies

Balancing The Two S's - Sports And Studies

People would say that you could focus yourself in only one aspect and must sacrifice the other or say “you cannot serve two masters at the same times.” This is the usual case in the life of student-athletes. Some of them would rise above the rest in their field while falling from the pack when it comes to their grades. Most of the student-athletes who are reading this might agree on the first sentence of this article or think that: “only gifted individuals or Albert Einstein’s descendants can do it,” but one thing is for sure ladies and gents (who are agreeing), you are wrong!

According to sociologist Jay J. Coakley’s book, Sport in Society, “studies have shown consistently that when compared with students who do not play varsity sports, high school athletes, as a group, generally have better grade point averages, more positive attitudes toward school, more interest in continuing their education after graduation, and a slightly better educational achievement rate.”

This study shows that the student-athlete demographic should be the achievers in their class.

So what is the secret formula in balancing these two S’s — sports and studies — in your life? Well here are few tips on how to make your student-athlete life a breeze.

Time Management

You’re going to have to use your time wisely remember, you are not only a student but also an athlete so it is just right for you to be going home later than the bunch. Don’t get hooked to checking your social media every minute once you get home. You should be studying your notes instead of studying other people’s lives. Use your weekends properly; always try to study your lessons in advance to get ahead of the class. Having time for fun can be good for you but too much fun isn’t good either so always manage your time properly.

Be Organized

Always live your life according to your plan, don’t live outside it. Remember to finish all your schoolwork before rushing to the gym. Sort out all your activities. Don’t overload yourself with too much activities.

Hard Work and Smart Work

You’re going to need that extra push so always persevere in meeting both ends. Losing sleep will definitely not kill you and sometimes it is for the best. Hard work alone will not give you the edge at all times so also remember to work smart. Also don’t forget to pray.

Many famous players who were able to graduate without sacrificing one of the two S’s include Rain or Shine’s point guard Chris Tiu who graduated with a Degree in Management Engineering in ADMU; “The” Linsanity graduated with an Economics degree in the Ivy-league University known as Harvard; let us not forget the greatest baller in the world, Michael Jordan, who, one year after being drafted by the Bulls, returned to his school (University of North Carolina) in 1985 to complete a bachelor’s degree in geography.

So remember ladies and gentlemen that if these individuals can do it then so can you after all they’re human too just like all of us. Plus, sports can also develop each of us as a whole so why don’t we shoot a few hoops after school, right?!


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