Brain Food

Brain Food

Make no mistake about it. What you feed your child makes all the difference in the world; it will affect how his body grows and how his brain develops. Here, we’ll show you deliciously simple-to-do meals that will boost your child’s thinking skills.

Drink Milk!

If there’s one thing you should always give your child, it’s milk! Milk is an essential factor in your child’s brain development. Serve him a glassful at breakfast with some French toast on the side; prepare a snack of it with animal-shaped cookies. And before he goes to bed, have him down another just for good measure. Milk contains calcium, which builds and strengthens his bones, allowing him to keep active all day long — the better to go off on learning expeditions. Opt for milk enhanced with DHA, a vital building block of the brain.

Eat Your Veggies

There’s no going around the greens. Veggies have lots of antioxidants that help develop your child’s memory. Fortunately, there are lovely ways to serve them. Hide them in meatballs: red meat is a great source of iron, which promotes mental alertness. Or serve them as cheerful sticks with delicious dips.

Give ‘Em Eggs!

This is perhaps the easiest food to prepare. Boil one for a quick repast. Pour over a pan for a sunny-side up. Or mix it up with some cheese and leftover chicken for a yummy scrambled entree. Eggs contain choline, which will help him memorize his ABC’s and 123’s.

Fancy a Snack?

Forget processed foods and high-sugar drinks that drain the brain. Go for fruits, like these delicious smoothies. Just one big gulp is filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help your child score high in his quizzes.


As your child grows, he’ll need more energy to keep up with his schoolwork. Give him complex carbohydrates for energy. This way, he can play with his friends and then have enough power to read a book or two before bedtime. Opt for pasta, which kids love. Double its nourishing power by mixing in some tuna. Tuna has protein and Omega 3 fatty acids, which are crucial for brain development.


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