Camping With The Kids: Must Haves List For Parents

Camping With The Kids: Must Haves List For Parents

So you decided to step up on your summer with the kids. Instead of going to the beach, you have decided that they’re old enough to enjoy s’mores, bonfires, and sleeping on the ground. Camping is always a fun experience for kids and for most of us parents, it just never gets old. It somehow brings us back to our happy childhoods.

But taking the kids on a camping trip can be very stressful – without proper planning. So alongside the usual camping essentials, we’ve rounded up some of the things you shouldn’t leave home without on your summer camping bazaar with le kiddos. Take a look:

1. Goretex Jackets – these would come in handy if you are going on a short trip to the mountains. It will keep them babies warm and waterproof.

2. Insect repellent – choose the organic ones; they are gentler on children’s skin.

3. Sun protection – Visor / cap / hat, sunblock lotion, and sunnies.

4. Camping stove – butane single burners and a small can of it should be enough. Campfire is good but this is convenient.

5. Extra batteries for phones – no electricity means no use of the phone charger. Sure being one with nature is the point of the trip but it doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side.

So put this in the final camping list, recheck thy bags, and get on your happiest family camping trip! Happy summer!


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