Caring For Baby’s Delicate Skin

Caring For Baby's Delicate Skin

When it comes to caring for baby’s delicate skin, gentle is the best way to go. To make simple body oils, cleansers, balms etc., moisturizing butters, nourishing oils, and mild hydrosols can be used. Always keep in mind though that almost anything can be a possible allergen. Even with the most natural ingredients, babies can have an allergic reaction and the extent of it is dependent on the baby’s sensitivity level. Carefully observe how your baby’s skin will react to new ingredients and if your baby has existing allergies, consult your doctor first before introducing any new ingredients in their skin care regimen.

Among the best organic ingredients for natural baby skin care is Camellia Seed Oil. It contains lots of nutrients and vitamins that can help keep skin well conditioned and calm. This highly nourishing oil is also non-comedogenic, meaning it is specially formulated so as not to cause blocked pores. Another ingredient is Shea Butter which is full of fatty acids that can help keep skin happy. It can be used as a relaxing diaper cream or body butter. Then there is virgin coconut cream oil which moisturizes baby’s skin and hair. Adding to that is its great smell. It can be used as a hair conditioner, baby oil, massage oil, and can help comfort a flurry of diaper rash and thrush.

Baby Mantra ( is an online store where you can buy the best all-natural and organic skin care products for babies, kids, and expectant mothers. All made in the USA, they have an entire product line of baby lotions, baby oils, Mommy Body butter, shampoo, natural baby wash, 3-in-1 bubble bath, detangling conditioner, and diaper rash ointment. Baby Mantra products are made from the finest natural ingredients and contain no sulfates, no phthalates, no parabens, no dyes and no artificial fragrances. Furthermore, each product is allergy-tested and undergoes rigorous testing complying to the highest standards of skin care.


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