• Q&A: Double Dilemma

    Double Dilemma
    When deciding for twins, take into consideration their personalities and feelings.

    Question: My twins are entering first grade, and I am not sure if I should put them in the same class or request that they be placed separately. They have been together since birth; even in preschool they were in the same class.

    Answer: Parents of twins will always face decisions that have to be made for two children at one time, and it’s important to think of both children equally before reaching an answer. One of the most difficult decisions is placing them together or finally putting them apart. There is really no clear-cut right or wrong answer, as every set of twins is different.


  • Q&A: Bedwetting Blues

    Q&A: Bedwetting Blues

    Question: My 4-year-old daughter feels guilty and embarrassed that she still wets her bed at night. Honestly, it has become very stressful for me, too. How can I help her stop making this nighttime booboo?

    Answer: Bedwetting, technically known as primary enuresis, is a natural part of child development. Kids eventually grow out of it.


  • Q&A: Recurrent Amoebiasis

    Q&A: Recurrent Amoebiasis

    Question: My son got amoebiasis when he was three (3) months old. Now that he is seven (7) months old, the diseases is still recurrent. We use distilled water for his milk and now boiling water for bathing. Is there any way to prevent the recurrence of amoebiasis?


  • Q&A: Brand-Switching Concerns

    Q&A: Brand-Switching Concerns

    Question: Is it bad to keep changing the brand of a two-year-old child’s milk?

    Answer: It’s ok to change your brand of milk, but we don’t really know your reasons for changing. Is it the taste, the cost, the convenience, or the nutritional value of the milk? Nowadays, choosing milk for our children has become a complicated thing because of the constant bombardment of ads claiming that one milk is superior to other brands.