Clever Tricks That Will Make Decorating Your Christmas Tree Simple And Painless

Clever Tricks That Will Make Decorating Your Christmas Tree Simple And Painless

Decorating the Christmas tree is supposed to be a fun and festive event that the entire family can enjoy, not a stressful occasion that causes bickering, sighs and headaches. Unfortunately, getting frustrated while decorating the Christmas tree can be a big source of holiday stress!

This doesn’t have to be the case. Take a deep breath, relax and keep some of these tips in mind to that you can actually enjoy setting up your Christmas tree this year.

Consider a Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

Everyone knows that one of the most stressful and challenging parts of decorating a Christmas tree is getting the lights onto the branches – it’s a task that is sure to make even the calmest mums and dads erupt into curse words. No matter how neatly you put the Christmas lights away every year, they are always tangled in a massive knot the next December somehow.

When you finally get them untangled, you have to go through each strand and check to make sure that the lights are functioning correctly – checking each tiny glowing bulb. When you are done with that, you must wrestle the lights around the tree – keeping them even and somehow weaving them into the branches in an attractive way. Once you have finally gotten through that ordeal, you are fully exhausted and are not really in a festive mood anymore!

The best option is to choose a pre-lit tree. They come with lights already incorporated into their branches, so that you can simply set them up and Voila! You are ready to start hanging the ornaments.

Hang the Tree Topper First

If you have an angel or a star that you want to put at the top of your tree, you will save yourself a lot of hassle by placing it there first – before all other ornaments. This is because it is a lot easier to reach to the top of a bare tree than a fully decorated one – you don’t have to worry about knocking down any ornaments.

If you can’t reach the top of the tree yourself, don’t try to awkwardly stand on your tip-toes! The last thing you want is your beautiful tree falling over and taking you with it. Get a stool or a step ladder to stand on and have a family member help steady it.

Letting the Little Ones Participate

Of course, one of the sweetest and most special Christmas traditions is decorating your tree with your children and you can bet that they will want to participate. However, if you want your tree to look anything like the photographs on your favourite home décor blogs, you will be a little bit apprehensive to let your three year old have too much artistic license. Toddlers are notorious for decorating Christmas tree with ornaments clumped together randomly and nothing hung more than three feet above the ground. They try their best, bless their little hearts, but it’s hard not to want to “adjust” their ornament placement to make it a little more even and balanced.

The key to this is to not get too frustrated during the process and to let your image of the “perfect” Christmas tree be a little bit more flexible. Letting your little ones join in the fun is more important than having a beautifully designed tree, so don’t worry about it in the moment. You can coach your child and give them pointers on how to spread the ornaments out, as well as lift them up so that they can hang decorations on the higher branches. (Remember, they won’t notice if you come in afterwards and tidy things up a little after they have gone to bed.

The only ornaments that you might not want to let your little one hang are the very breakable and irreplaceable ones, such as their Baby’s First Christmas ornament or special ornaments for Grandma and Grandpa. You can hang these ones for now, just to prevent the risk of tiny fingers dropping them. (For a gorgeous selection of special Christmas tree ornaments, you can visit

The key to making your Christmas tree decorating experience fun rather than stressful is to simplify the process and then to just relax and enjoy it. Put on some Christmas carols, set out a plate of cookies and remember that you are not just making a Christmas tree – you are also making special holiday memories.


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