Country Charms

Forget the city’s traffic and its polluted air for a day. Go back to basics with a rejuvenating trip to the farm.

Country Charms

City-bred kids hardly see anything growing out of the land. Now is your chance to bring your kids closer to nature, and show them that there is life outside the mall and beyond the Internet. Parents should introduce their kids to simpler times and more basic pleasures.

Top Five Things To Do:

  1. Plant a tree. Teach kids about protecting the environment, and leaving a legacy behind.
  2. Feed the animals. Ask the custodian about feeding time, and let the kids have a go at it.
  3. Take a pick. Pack your baskets with the best organic produce of the season.
  4. Explore. Let the grass tickle your feet, find some cool rocks to collect, and point out interesting animals and insects along the way.
  5. Breathe. Sit under the trees and breathe in that pure, clean country air.


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