De-clutter Your Home This Christmas And Make Some Money

De-clutter Your Home This Christmas And Make Some Money

Christmas is a time of year for family and festivities – the chances are you’re either heading home to stay with family or have people coming to stay with you over the festive season and this means more people in your house than usual! We all like to make the most of our space, but rather than wondering if you need to sell up and move somewhere bigger or ship the family off to nearby hotels and guesthouses, why not just de-clutter your space? There are sure to be loads of bits and bobs lying around that you no longer use or need, and you could sell these to tidy up your home and make a bit of extra cash to pay for Christmas dinner too!

Start at Ground Level

When you’re considering de-cluttering your space, start at ground level and work up – perhaps you have an old rug that’s taking up space or piles of books underneath the window that you no longer need? By clearing space at ground level you’ll make your room look more spacious and less cluttered instantly. You can sell unwanted books, DVDs and CDs online, and this is a great way to make some extra cash – it’s listed online as one of the top 25 unusual ways to make money quickly!

Update your Technology

If the kids have old games consoles and games lying around that are never used anymore, you might have a hard time persuading them that they need to part with them. It’s all about the way you approach it – let them know if they sell their old games consoles online they could raise money to buy a new, next-generation console such as the Xbox One or PS4! Selling your games console online for cash is a great way to raise money for a new console and with the PS4 selling out in its first launch weekend you’ll probably have enough time to sell your old games and consoles and save money for after Christmas! You can even trade in games and old consoles for cash which you can then use to buy new games or accessories for your next-gen console. Or why not sell old laptops, desktop PCs and televisions online or trade them in for other items? This is a great way to update your technology without breaking the bank.

Unwanted Clothes and Shoes

It’s time to tackle your wardrobe – if you have one of those wardrobes which is overflowing with clothes and shoes you haven’t worn for years, then you know it’s time to address the problem. But you don’t have to throw away your old clothes and shoes – why not take them to a charity shop or clothing bank? If you’re desperate for cash, selling them online is a great way to raise some extra money, and if you happen to have designer dresses or suits in your wardrobe then you can make a considerable amount in this way. Even if you just have high street brands such as Topshop or Karen Millen, you can still pass your unwanted clothes and shoes onto somebody who will appreciate them, whilst making a little cash for yourself.

The Dreaded Guest Bedroom

Many of us use the guest bedroom or spare bedroom as a place where unwanted things go to be forgotten. We’re guilty of stashing anything and everything we don’t use in there, which means it can often be a mess! If you don’t have friends or family to stay very often, you might need to de-clutter your spare room before everyone arrives for Christmas – so gather a few black bags and start sorting. You’re sure to find DVDs, CDs, books and clothes that you no longer want and could sell online for cash or donate to your nearest charity shop or homeless shelter.

De-cluttering your home at this time of year isn’t just a great way to raise money and ensure your house feels tidier, it also gives you the feeling of giving something back, whether you sell your items online or donate them to charity. Your unwanted things will be going to somebody who will appreciate them and use them, which means a tidier house for you and a happy Christmas for someone else! Make sure you tackle your de-cluttering project methodically and start with just one room – the guest bedroom or your living room is a great place to start, as you may find it takes longer than expected to do the whole house, and this way your main rooms will be tidy in time for guests arriving.


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  1. Sigrid @ Lovingly Mama

    January 4, 2014 at 12:20 am

    I should really do this–de-clutter. When Siobebe outgrows most of the clothes and toys, then off they go. We don’t have a lot of space and I would really like to clear the room from so many toys! haha

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