Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

Decorating Your Child's Bedroom

It is estimated that people spend a third of their lives in their bedrooms, and children probably more so because they use their bedrooms to study, listen to music, watch television, and to play computer games.

Therefore, it makes sense to decorate your child’s bedroom so that it is comforting, attractive, and inviting. Paint the walls in your child’s favorite colors, or choose wallpaper with a favorite motif, such as super heroes, animals, or flowers. Choose complimentary window treatments that are not only attractive, but provide privacy. Plaster the ceiling with glow in the dark planet and stars stickers — the room will be transformed into a night sky when it’s lights out.

And don’t forget the floor. You can find fabulous, colorful childrens rugs at that will tie everything together and make your child’s room a virtual sanctuary. AnnaBean has a great variety of rugs for girls and for boy’s rooms. You can even design your own customized rugs. This is a great option if your child’s room is an odd size. Or, you may just want to order a monogrammed rug with your child’s initials in the center. While you’re shopping for a special rug, you can save yourself time and hassle and shop the site for other accents, such as wall decor items, lighting fixtures, and room accessories, like bookshelves, clocks, and picture frames.


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