Expo Mom 2016 Goes To Bacolod

Expo Mom 2016 Goes To Bacolod

I’ve had a lot of wonderful experiences in my life but I could say with absolute certainty that the most precious and memorable one was when I became a mother. Nothing can compare to the moment when I first saw my daughter. The feeling was a mixture of happiness, peace, and awe that I was able to bore this precious gift from God for nine months and now she’s finally here. There’s nothing easy about motherhood. It has its ups and downs and there are times when you feel like you’re at the end of your rope. But I’ve always stuck to my commitment to be the best mother I can possibly be and I’d never exchange this opportunity for anything else.

Expo Mom 2016: The Motherhood Journey

Having said that, Expo Mom, the longest running mommy event and also the biggest gathering of mothers every year, will be held at The District North Point, Talisay, Negros Occidental on June 25, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM.

Expo Mom 2016 Goes To Bacolod

On its 9th year, this is also Expo Mom’s 15th year in advocating active parenting. Expo Mom 2016 is a celebration of the journey of motherhood and the unique experiences that mothers go through in each stage. With this year’s theme, The Motherhood Journey, you’ll find both awareness and motivation whether you’re an expectant mom, new mom, a mom taking care of a toddler, or a mom raising a child.

Launched in 2008, Expo Mom remains steadfast in its goal of being the source of parenting trends and information, beginning of modern mommy products, and launch pad for campaigns, movements, and groundbreaking ideas. In 2010, they recognized the growing “mompreneur” movement with The Mompreneur Market. In 2011, they went nationwide to Davao and Cebu, while in 2012 they showed the best of modern motherhood by paying tribute to the hands-on mom, tech mom, fit mom, Earth-loving mom, breastfeeding mom, and the mompreneur. In 2013, Expo Mom recognized what everyone knew in their hearts to be true, Momtuition and in 2014, it affirmed the things that moms do everyday with “You The Mom!”. Last 2015, Expo Mom expedited an online workshop that encouraged moms to formulate their mission in life called the Manifesto Campaign.

The Expo Mom: The Motherhood Journey Giveaway

Mommy Mundo knows that we moms love telling stories about our days, our birth, our kids, and we’d like to hear from them! Sharing our mom stories online helps us learn from each other, get inspired and just makes us realize how we are all on the same boat on this adventure called motherhood. That’s why Mommy Mundo ask moms to share their #themotherhoodjourney stories with them online to get a chance to win a Mommy Mundo Passport x Journey Box Bundle.

Expo Mom 2016 Goes To Bacolod

Contest Mechanics:

  1. Follow Mommy Mundo on FB, IG, and Twitter. (1pt)
  2. Follow Expo Mom on Instagram. (1pt)
  3. Share your motherhood story by posting a personal photo and telling us about your motherhood journey. Tag @mommymundo and @expomom. (3pts)
  4. Share the Expo Mom poster, and say that you are going to Expo Mom Cebu or Negros tag @mommymundo and @expomom, and invite 3 of your mom friends to come with you. (2pts)
  5. In all posts, use these hashtags #themotherhoodjourney #expomom2016 #mommymundo. Make sure to set your account to public until June 25.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. 10 winners will be selected randomly via Rafflecopter. Winners can get the Mommy Mundo Passport x Journey Box Bundle!
  2. Contest is open to all residents of Cebu and Negros.
  3. Posts will be counted and awarded points manually then raffled off via Rafflecopter.
  4. Winners will be asked to pick up their prizes at the event venue and will need to present two (2) valid IDs. If they are unable to pick up personally, they must provide the representative with an authorization letter and the two (2) valid IDs.
  5. Prizes must be picked up at the event venue on June 18 and 25. Prizes may be sent via courier or delivery but costs will be shouldered by the winner.
  6. Unclaimed prizes after 60 days will be re-drawn for a new winner.

Participate in this exciting event and know more about motherhood! For more information, visit www.mommymundo.com/expomom2016.

About Mommy Mundo

Mommy Mundo is committed to being present at every stage of a mom’s journey. Its various events and activities are meant to answer the needs of moms, empowering them towards positive action. Apart from Expo Mom, Mommy Mundo spearheads Pregnant Pause to answer the worries and concerns of expectant moms, Mom School to provide opportunities for learning about home and money management, Expo Kid to present parents with summer activities and workshops for their children, and Mindful Mom Re-Treat to give moms a much needed reprieve from their everyday routine, helping them become better moms in the process. Mommy Mundo’s Mommy Milkshake Run encourages families to bond outdoors and get active. Mommy Mundo’s mom community is now 100,000 strong.

By being sensitive to the needs and wants of mothers, Mommy Mundo has been providing relevant information, much-needed support, and gentle encouragement to moms on every step of their motherhood journey since 2008.

By providing a community that is welcoming, supportive, non-judgemental, with Mommy Mundo, you’re home!

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