Fabulous Floor Lighting

Fabulous Floor Lighting

A great floor light can make a room, but not those dated lamps of yesteryear. The Geoffrey Harris online store offers the most sought after examples of stunning floor lights you’re likely to find anywhere. The Gubi Grasshoppa, with its extraordinary leggy looks, will make a statement in any space.

Good floor lighting is the perfect way to be in control of how you illuminate a certain space. Will you choose an uplighter, or will you aim your glow down to create a different effect entirely? The creative options with good floor lights is infinite, and best of all, in many cases they’re completely flexible, so that you can change your lighting direction at the slightest whim.

Before you decide on the floor light for you, ask yourself a couple of simple questions? Do I want a working light where I have lots of illumination, and choice, or do I want a lamp that will stay in the position it’s made for? Also, consider the room you’re going to place it in, and choose a colour or finish to match, or compliment your decor. At Geoffrey Harris, our floor lights have been so thoughtfully chosen that they can work in almost any room. There’s a beautiful Kelvin F LED lamp by Flos that would make a statement in any room, while favourites like Anglepoise and Artemide work wonderfully anywhere too. Click here to look on the website if you’re in need of some inspiration. You’re sure to get some fantastic ideas.

Whatever you want, indulgent glamour, or functional adaptability, with the very best in European designed floor lights just a simple click away, you just know that the choice you make will enhance the mood you’re aiming for. Floor lights have come a long way since the days of our parents or grandparents, with the stylish eye of Geoffrey Harris at work.


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