Five Birthday Gift Ideas For Expecting Moms

Five Birthday Gift Ideas For Expecting Moms

While you may have been too young to remember what your mom was like in the months before your siblings were born – most of us have since had a friend, a sister, or our partner become pregnant, and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly that expectant mums go through. Those nine months can be rough and it’s important we look out for the ladies in our lives. So if your sister or a girlfriend is expecting, and it’s her birthday – its all the more special! You don’t want to be caught out buying the same onesie for the baby as four of her other friends, so next time you’ve got a shower or a birthday party to go to, keep these great birthday gifts from Spencer’s Gifts in mind:

Pamper Packages

Expecting moms have it tough: as their bodies and their lives are changing so rapidly it can be a very scary and stressful time. What’s worse is that for the most part, people forget about the woman and focus instead on the mother, buying her nothing for her birthday other than nappies and bottles and toys. Why not be different then, and give her the birthday gift of relaxation? A pamper package made of homemade soaps, bath-bombs and essential oils are affordable, thoughtful and easy-to-do birthday gifts. If you’re maybe not the most organised person when it comes to projects, opt for a voucher for a massage instead. Any worries or stresses she has will just melt away!

Beauty Treatments

Expectant moms see their appearance change day-to-day and dramatically over the nine months. And while the “glow” may or may not grace you, pregnancy can leave you feeling run-down and not the best. It’s important that we remind her just how beautiful she is – even if she doesn’t necessarily feel so! Here is where beauty treatments as birthday gifts come in: something as simple as getting her nails done or hair highlighted would be a great gift. If you’re worried about how safe these treatments are, research shows highlights are an excellent alternative to full dye when pregnant as they don’t soak into the scalp. There is another option, which is a “water colour hair dye” which contains no ammonia, peroxide or PPD – perfect birthday gifts for both mum and bub, and a nice way to make her feel good again!

Date Night

While we’re at it, and keeping her spirits high – let’s not forget the other person in the equation who is burning the candle at both ends: Dad. So often, as our expecting mom starts to settle in to her pregnancy and is getting organized for the arrival of her baby, the romance department starts to dwindle. Remember that he’s tired too! Do them a favour, and gift them a date night – either offer to babysit any older children they might have while they go and let their hair down, book a dinner at her favourite restaurant, or give them a couple of movie tickets. I guarantee this is one of the best birthday gifts you could give!

Albums and Record Books

My younger sister is still secretly bitter that I got a baby-book and she didn’t – and it’s one of those really special and sentimental things that an expecting mum might forget to buy in the months leading up to the birth! If you don’t want to stick to just buying books and clothes for the baby, think about buying photo albums or record books instead. They’re a great way to document the pregnancy and the first months of the baby’s life – that is, if she finds time to write in it! Photo albums are always a lovely gesture, and make for fun nights in the future as you take a walk down memory lane.

Creature of Comfort

Now maybe it’s just me, but when I imagine what it would be like as an expectant mom, comfortable isn’t the word I would associate with. So for her birthday, treat her! Swath her in long knitted cardigans, throw blankets and my favourite of all birthday gifts – the body pillow. Equal parts comfortable and heavenly, you’ll struggle to get her away from it! Keep her comfy during her pregnancy and she’ll be happy girl.

Expecting moms can be over-looked, especially if their birthdays fall during the term of their pregnancy. Often people just focus on buying birthday gifts for the baby, but if you think the woman in your life needs some special attention this birthday, think about giving her something a little outside of the square. After all, there are only so many rattles a girl can stand!

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