Flowers For Every Occasion: Picking The Appropriate Blooms Each Time

Flowers For Every Occasion: Picking The Appropriate Blooms Each Time

Just about everyone enjoys receiving flowers. If you’re like a lot of people, you like to give flowers, too. Do you ever wonder if you’ve chosen the appropriate blooms? Read on, and you’ll never worry about your floral selections again.

Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day

There are numerous occasions for which flowers provide the perfect gift. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are among the most popular, but certainly not the only holidays when a bright bouquet is well appreciated. Truth be told, you don’t have to wait for an official holiday to present someone you cherish with a bountiful bouquet of beautiful flowers.

When it comes to making a foolproof selection, go with anniversary flowers that reflect the season of the year. For a springtime anniversary commemoration, opt for delicate peach blossoms, fragrant cherry blossoms, long-stemmed tulips, or pale peony blooms. In the summertime, go vibrant with gold-hued sunflowers, extravagant bird of paradise, or peppery-sweet carnations. In autumn months, select a generous armful of chrysanthemums, a nosegay of pansies, or potted living orchids. White roses and aromatic forget-me-nots make a sweet statement of wintertime romance.

Old-time meanings of flowers

Back in the day before telephones and email, people sent their regards by way of floral delivery. Victorian era suitors might pay a florist to put together a bouquet of special meaning for their intended, or they might harvest their own garden for blooms that ‘said’ what they wanted to say. Either way, the recipient would get the message.

According to Victorian florists, daffodils denoted chivalry, crocus spoke of foresight and intuition, and daisies indicated an appreciation for the innocence of the recipient. Delphinium are a sign of boldness, while geraniums signify comfort and domestic contentment. A gift of gladiolus expressed strength of character, whereas a bunch of violets said ‘you are my first true love,’ says About magazine.

How to order flowers perfectly every time

Bear in mind the busy-ness of the season. To send perfect flowers to your Valentine, place your order at least a week in advance, especially if you’re opting for an extravagant bouquet with exotic blooms. Easter, Mother’s Day, and Christmas are also super-busy times for most florists, so order early for those occasions, as well. When you find a florist who offers superior service, save their number. If you’re in the Adelaide Hills area, click here to order fresh flowers today.

Roses: Perennial favorite with a language all their own

White roses are said to indicate reverence, silence, and pure innocence. Pink roses are a fragrant nod to gentleness, grace, and happiness. Lavender roses mean love at first sight, and coral colored roses suggest modesty, sympathy, and everlasting friendship. Yellow roses promise new beginnings while roses of orange are an ode to desire, explains The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

There’s never a wrong occasion to give flowers. Whether you present an elaborate bouquet or a fistful of just-picked wildflowers, a gift of blooms is sure to endear you to the heart of the recipient.


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