Fun Trampolines And Accessories

Fun Trampolines And Accessories

Springless trampolines remove all the dangerous design elements present in traditional trampolines and give more jumping space. They provide a soft and non-jarring bounce with the use of flexible fiberglass rods that lie out of harm’s way beneath the jumping surface. The frames also lie well beneath the jumping surface so they cannot be hit. The net enclosure has flexible supports to prevent falls and cushion jumpers, and the jumpers are directed back to the center of the mat and do not make contact with the enclosure rods.

The jumping surface of a 10-foot round springless trampoline is equivalent to a 12-foot round trampoline with springs. The round trampoline maximizes the jumping surface and saves valuable space in a small backyard.

Some Accessories

Trampoline Ladder

Flat and large platform steps add safety. They are easy to assemble, have protection against the weather, and are non-permanent so they can be easily removed to limit access to the trampoline. The two-step ladder fits trampolines between 33 inches and 37 inches tall. The three-step ladder fits trampolines over 37 inches up to 41 inches tall.

Basketball Hoop

Bring the game onto a whole new playing field for unique and additional fun with a full- size reinforced backboard, a cushioned hoop with heavy-duty hardware, and a five-inch inflatable basketball. It attaches securely to the safety enclosure.

Trampoline Weather Cover

This protects the bed of the trampoline and the safety pad keeps leaves and debris off the trampoline and protects against harmful UV rays. This cover can be used without removing the safety enclosure. The one-piece and easy-to-use-and-install design is made of PVC-coated and heavy-duty polyester and employs Velcro-like material that buckles to secure it to the trampoline.

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A soft bounce is designed for medium-sized yards and for children of all ages! AlleyOOP Trampoline is proud to offer the safest and best-made trampolines with the strongest nets. All trampolines come with a standard safety enclosure with a doorway that cannot be left open. A large selection includes the best-value Variable Bounce, the industry-safest Double Bounce, and the Rectangular Trampoline which is best for gymnastics.


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