Get The Behavioral Results You’re Looking For With Alternative Disciplinary Methods

Get The Behavioral Results You're Looking For With Alternative Disciplinary Methods

Is your teenager constantly out of control? Has his or her school district tried to correct the problem, to no avail? Alternative disciplinary methods such as boot camp, reform school, and therapeutic wilderness programs may elicit the change you seek.

Boot Camp

Boot camp for teenagers, more commonly referred to as military school, provides attendees with a structured, rigid curriculum and constant monitoring. While many boot camps come with a high price tag, state run boot camps are available for free for teenagers who have fallen into the juvenile justice system.

Wilderness Programs

Wilderness programs, such as Wood Creek Academy, bring troubled youth into nature, where they are taught life skills and self-reliance. The disconnect from the outside world allows them to focus on working through their issues and learning to respect themselves. Most programs last a month to 50 days. Toward the end of the experience, parents are invited to spend a few days in nature to bond with their child and begin continue working on issues experienced as a family.

Reform Schools

Reform schools for boys target their services to those who are at-risk, already in the juvenile judiciary system, or simply lack motivation when it comes to school. These schools are often called boarding schools and mix discipline and structure with support and encouragement.
While disciplining an unruly teenager may seem like a daunting task, there is support available. If conventional methods have not worked, ask your child’s guidance counselor about alternative disciplinary options today.


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