Gift Guide For Expecting Mothers

Gift Guide For Expecting Mothers

From her first trimester to the final one, these gifts are designed to relax her and provide her with comfort every step of the way. This gift guide is designed with pregnancy in mind. You can spoil the baby after he arrives, or pair one of these special gifts with a gift for her little one, too. The important thing is that you’re considering her; pregnancy isn’t easy, so pamper her during this celebratory and momentous occasion. She’ll appreciate it.

Support Garments and Maternity Clothing

Support bands allow her to continue wearing her pre-pregnancy clothing, such as jeans, skirts, pants, and more. The maternity support bands from are sold in a two-pack and developed by Therafirm to provide superior comfort and gentle support. Choose neutral colors to ensure she’s able to pair them with the majority of her wardrobe.

Maternity clothing is an excellent option, but you’ll need to ask her size before making this purchase. If you prefer to keep it a surprise, consider the benefit of a gift card. A gift card allows her to do her own shopping, but it’s less personable than something you picked out yourself. When choosing clothing for her, make sure it’s season-appropriate, and the colors and styles she prefers.

Pregnancy Pillows for a Comfortable Night’s Rest

It’s not recommended for pregnant women to sleep directly on their back during the final stages of pregnancy because the weight of the baby can put pressure on mom’s internal organs. Considering this, a pregnancy pillow makes an excellent and thoughtful gift. It can elevate mom’s position, which is great for her health and will provide her with additional comfort.

A full body pillow is an okay alternative if you’re unable to find a pregnancy specific pillow. Although not designed to specifically accommodate pregnant women, the traditional full body pillow is something to cuddle at night. It can be laid on, snuggled up to, and it can be placed between the knees.

Treat Her with Relaxing Spa Gifts

Before long, she’s going to have a little one keeping her busy day and night. Encourage her to treat herself by giving her the gift of spa. Creating a spa at home is an excellent way to destress and relax. You can put together a DIY spa basket by filling a basket with luxury moisturizers, oils, lotions, cleansers, and more. It’s essential that all the product’s ingredients are safe for expecting mothers, so check that the ingredients are tested and safe for pregnant women.

If you’re not big on DIY, go ahead and purchase her a gift card to a local spa. Only give her a spa gift card if the spa offers pregnancy services. Not all services are safe for pregnant women. For example, your body temperature rises when you’re in a hot tub or sauna, which can be extremely dangerous for your baby. Luckily, many spas now offer pregnancy services, such as prenatal massage and all-natural facials.

Post-Pregnancy Gifts

If she’s due around the holidays, you don’t want to load her up with pregnancy gifts she won’t have a lot of time to enjoy. Instead, think post-pregnancy and get her some new clothes or accessories. A scarf makes an excellent gift, as does post-pregnancy accessories, such as luxury diaper bags.

Another great post-pregnancy gift is a photo package. Family photos are treasured for a lifetime, so a prepaid package is very thoughtful. You could also give her a post-pregnancy spa basket, which includes some moisturizers that help skin regain its elasticity and ointments/creams she can share with baby.

Pregnancy is beautiful, but she may not feel beautiful. Help her regain her confidence by giving her a gift that treats and rewards her for her hard work.


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