Handling Your Preschooler’s First Day Blues

Handling Your Preschooler's First Day Blues

They start looking at you with those puppy eyes, they look at you more frequently, their grips get tighter as you get closer to the classroom, and you know that a tantrum is on its way. Ahh but of course, it’s your little tot’s first day in preschool!

And even if you hate to admit it, you are as anxious as your kid about leaving him / her with total strangers. But you know that this has got to come one way or another right? So here are some helpful tips to reduce the first day blues:

  1. Prepare way, way, way ahead of time. Every weekend, try leaving your child for an hour or longer with an aunt, the grandparents or someone you trust. This will get them used to being away from you. Talk to him/her about school often and take him shopping for his school stuff. Find something – like a little plush keychain or a charm bracelet – that he can take with him and make it his/her ‘comfort object’.
  2. Look happy, excited and confident. Kids are very sensitive so they’d know if you’re anxious and you’re about to cry when you leave them. Add a little jig in your step, sing happy nursery songs and let him / her know you’re excited (even when you’re just about to cry).
  3. Goodbye K.I.S.S. Keep It Short and Simple. A kiss, a hug, and an assurance that you’ll be back after class is all you need. No more lingering instructions or lingering hugs. It will make them cling to you more.
  4. Trust the teacher. They know what they’re doing and they’ll have your kiddo happy after five minutes of nonstop crying from seeing you go.

First day in school seems to be a much bigger deal for parents than for kids so good luck!


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