Hanging Seats

Hanging Seats

The idea of the swing is an ancient one. Long before commercial swing sets were available for residential use, people used simple ropes and ropes tied around rubber tires to create makeshift swings from trees. In ancient times, similar makeshifts probably sprung from vines, leaves and whatever else was sturdy and available for use.

Fortunately, the swing has become the center of backyard family recreation for some and swings are an assumed fixture in outdoor life. Those who want to find swing set swings at SwingforSwingSet.com will have several options for play time. Bucket swings, tire swings, horse glider swings and sling swings to meet every family’s needs. Those who have a need for multiple types of swings can even mix and match to make the perfect swing set.

The bucket swing is best suited for infants and most resembles the seating in infant walkers or high chairs. It has a high backrest to give small children more support while they play. Its heavy duty Plastisol covering makes it very durable in all kinds of weather and resistant to rusting. The bucket swing comes already assembled, so buyers only need to attach it to a sturdy swing beam.

The three-chain tire swing is low-maintenance and allows for a whole new level of fun. Instead of the traditional back-and-forth motion, tire swings allow children to do a complete 360-degree turn while the tire is in motion. This is lots of fun for older children. The Plastisol chains on the tire swing are straight coils and designed to be pinch-free.

Horse glider and slide swings provide the same kind of safe fun. Parents simply need to match the type of swing to the age and the proper safety precautions for their children. Then they can build the swing set of their dreams.


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