Home Remedies: Wooden Furniture Care

Home Remedies: Wooden Furniture Care

Everyone loves good wooden furniture set at home, especially if it’s from a prime maker like Top Furniture. Lanais and foyers always look good with some rustic piece of wooden furniture; it brings a very cozy, sort of vintage-esque feel to any room. On top of that, a good, well-used and well-cared for piece of wooden furniture is always a good investment.

The thing, however, about wooden furniture is that it’s pretty difficult to maintain. It is very delicate in that practically anything can harm it. So here are some ways to make sure your Top Furniture pieces will enjoy long, glorious years:

  • Moisture is the enemy. Water causes the wood to age unnaturally and not only stain it but could also affect its stability. Minimize exposure to liquids to only regular wiping with damp cloth.
  • Polish regularly. Go for a wood polish that leaves a good protective film to protect your wood from the elements.
  • Heat is also an enemy. No matter how pretty your new lounge chair in the lanai is, it will look aged soon enough if it gets exposed to too much sunlight. So either keep them all indoors, or make sure they’re away from direct heat.
  • Keep away from kids and chemicals. Crayons, milk, drinks, and chemical stains from common materials like glue, oil, tape, etc, are all bad or your Top Furniture.

Make the most out of your Top Furniture investment. Proper care will help your wood furniture not only look good, but look good longer.


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