How To Travel Hassle-Free With Small Children

How To Travel Hassle-Free With Small Children

For traveling parents the biggest single cause of stress is probably the idea of flying with kids. The likelihood of keeping them still and happy for hours while on a flight can be scary. There are tips that you can follow that will make your air travel smooth sailing and keep everyone happy and contented. It’s a must to get to the airport early because it takes a lot of time to get through the airport and security, and the time at the airport can enable your child to exercise in preparation for the long car ride and the flights.

Before you leave for the airport, check your seat assignment online, print the boarding passes, check your itinerary, map of your destination, and check hotel accommodations. Reserving a room should be done many days in advance especially if you’re going to Boracay during the summer since the influx of tourists may lead to shortage of affordable Boracay hotels perfect for the family.

Getting to the airport can be difficult if you live in a rural area so off-airport parking for short trips is a good idea while a local car service that offers a car seat is great for longer trips. During boarding it’s better to get on the plane first to get yourselves organized. Make sure that you have the things you need during takeoff or the beginning of the flight within reach.

In cases of flight delays, engage your kids in quiet play or walk them up and down the aisle. During takeoff, give your older child a gum to reduce ear pressure during takeoff and landing while babies should be given a pacifier or milk for them to doze off. During in flight give them toys that will sustain their interest for the remainder of the flight. As for landing, help your child again with pressure in their ears. Wait until all the passengers have left the plane to get your things and gather together the toys scattered around. Furthermore, not being part of the passengers exiting is safer since your kids will not be crushed. They can even take a quick peek in the pilot’s cockpit.

To avoid hassle, check out one-stop booking websites such as Traveloka. Affordable flights and hotels can be easily found on their site.


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