Introducing Your Kid To The New Baby

Introducing Your Kid To The New Baby

Having a new baby can be exciting for you but not as exciting for your older kid. This is especially true if your kid is around the ages 2 to 5. They have not quite the understanding to know what the baby is, where it came from or who it is.

Here are some tips to help make the introduction and the transition from being the only child to becoming a big brother/sister.

  • Preparation is key. Emotional and physical preparation will walk you and your big baby through having baby no. 2. Share the news about him/her becoming a big bro/sis soon. Show pics, be dynamic, use books, animations, and anything that could help him understand why your tummy is going to be bigger and what’s coming to your family soon.
  • Get him/her attached to the thought of a baby. Assuming that the child understands what’s in your belly, have him/her kiss your tummy and talk to the baby. It will make the idea real and will get your child used to the thought of having a new member of the family. Get suggestions too when going shopping for baby stuff and maybe even shopping for a baby name. Having him/her join ultrasound sessions will be great too.
  • Don’t make your older child feel displaced. A lot of kids get jealous of the new baby because they feel displaced. Let them feel empathic towards the baby by letting them know that they once were babies. Bring out their old baby pics and let them tell you the similarities they see with their new sibling. And as much as possible, teach them the value of sharing and not “taking something away” from them to make room for the baby.

Good luck on the new baby and your new big baby!


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