Is Your Teen An Underachiever?

Is Your Teen An Underachiever?

A child is said to be underachiever if he performs at a level that is below his actual ability. Underachievers usually begin as bright and very verbal preschoolers, but at some point, their love for learning seems to wane and their school marks go down.

There are varied reasons why a teener may not be doing well in school. They can range from emotional problems and substance abuse to depression and even a sleep disorder. A child could also underachieve because he is bored, feels too pressured or is simply trying to fit in with his peers. To ensure you that you give your child the help he needs, it is best to have the problem diagnosed by a professional.

The Reasons Why

Here are some reasons teens give on why they perform poorly.

  • My parents expect too much. Kids sometimes think, rightly or wrongly, that their parents expect more from them than what they can deliver. They might also feel they are being compared to a sibling’s or even to their parents’ own school performance.
  • I can’t do it. The class work has become overwhelming. This often begins with one though class or assignment and student may be challenged for the first time and doesn’t know how or where to start.
  • I won’t try. This follows on the heels of “I can’t.” They might reason, “If I don’t try, I haven’t failed.” No one loses a race they never ran. This strategy is sometimes used because the teen is afraid of losing a parent’s admiration if he fails.
  • I don’t need to learn this. Some teens are striking a blow for independence. always studious and obedient, they are now ready to show defiance.

While these reasons for underachievers may be understandable, they don’t solve the problem at all.


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