Keep Money In Your Wallet With New Kids Clothes

Keep Money In Your Wallet With New Kids Clothes

At the rate that kids grow up and the necessity to keep appropriate clothes for different seasons and fashions, kids clothing can be quite the expense. It often feels as if shoes and shirts could only be used a few times before they are too small and even more expensive purchases like coats might only make it through one season before they can’t be used anymore. Pair this with kids’ ever changing fashion ideas and you can have some expensive purchases on your hands. You may benefit from the help of a payday loan to make those essential purchases when your children simply can’t wait until you have savings to go into the next size of clothing, shoes, coat etc. Keeping your children well clothed doesn’t have to be so costly, however, when you follow these tips below.

Consider Gently Used Clothing

First, you can try getting hand me downs from those around you. Friends and family who have had children before you often have left-over clothing that they can share with you. By simply asking friends and family what ages they have clothing they can hand down or share, you can know what you need to buy and not buy. Often times, some communities have “clothing circles” with clothing of several sizes and fashions circulating between families. Ask to join these circles. In this case, you can join—or even help start—the circle, use the clothes as they come your way, and add to it as necessary. You might buy much less clothing this way and can also be a helpful part of the community in the process.

If you don’t have nearby people who can share clothing with you, try to shop for gently used clothing instead. Go to consignment shops, thrift stores, or bargain centers to buy clothes that are used. Even if the clothing is slightly more used than you were looking for, it might last long enough to get through your child’s next size change.

Make Wise Purchases

First, consider purchasing gender neutral clothing that you can share with your other children. Avoid overtly “boy” and “girl” clothing so you can circulate the clothing between younger kids of any gender you might have later on. With gender neutral clothing, you might become a more active and helpful part of the community or family clothing circles.

Next, make sure to shop for practical, necessary items instead of ones that are simply “cute.” Parents all want their children to look cute in the clothing they buy, but focusing more on practical, necessary items will ensure that money is being spent appropriately and wisely. Most of the time, children look cute in almost any good clothing item you buy for them, so shop smart and don’t splurge on that unneeded piece of clothing.

Make Clothing Last

One of the best ways to save money on clothing is to make it last a long time. Have a separate set of “play clothes” and “school clothes” so your child will be able to still have fun, but do so without ruining those new jeans or shoes. Let the older clothes serve as the ones that can get dirty and make sure to wash, fold, and hang them appropriately. You can weather-proof boots, wash clothes in cold water and dry on low heat, get stains out as quickly as possible, and hang clothing to dry when possible.

Next, you can get creative with making clothes “fit” your child longer. Perhaps a sewing machine can help you let out a hem in jeans or maybe cut off the booties on old pajamas when your child outgrows them. The key to making your child’s clothing last the longest is to think about how to make them last for the long term and not just get you through the short term growth spurts. Get creative and save money.


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