Let Me Shine, Mom!

Let Me Shine, Mom!

The most important aspect in raising twins is allowing them to discover their own person. Here’s how parents can build individuality in them:

  • Never compare. Avoid labeling (such as “the smart one” or “the athletic one”) because this will limit her potential. Make it a habit to call them each by their names.
  • Identify each child through an item (such as a different backpack or shoelace) to discourage people from guessing based on physical appearance (such as “the heavier one”).
  • Dress them similarly but not identically. This will help the child know that she is her own person and has her own things; give them their own closet space for their belongings.
  • Spend alone time with each child. This will allow you the opportunity to see each child’s personality as a whole and not just as a part of the other.
  • Build each child’s interest without forcing one or the other to be the same way; like taking one twin to a soccer game and the other to a guitar class.
  • Show affection to each child with individual praise and recognition. Make sure you give all this equally no matter what.


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