Livestock Insurance

Livestock Insurance

It’s hard to put a price on a life, but people who are in the business of raising livestock know that protecting the value of their prize investment in their animals is the key to ongoing stability and success. At the Ark Agency, they understand how valuable your animals are, and how unforeseen events like illness or accidents can quickly rob you of your livestock and your investment in them. No, losing an animal is never easy, but with the protection of cattle/lifestock animal life insurance, you can be assured you will be compensated in the unfortunate event of a loss of an animal.

The Reassurance of Having Animal Mortality Insurance

Animal Mortality Insurance, which is available through, insures your animal in much the same way that term life insurance insures a person’s life. This type of policy will insure the life of an animal in the US and in Canada for death whether by accident or by illness. For an animal to qualify for this type of policy, they must be in good health. They are usually required to have a certificate of good health provided by a licensed veterinarian. This type of insurance is available for cattle, horses and other types of livestock including sheep, hogs and goats.

Perils That Can Cause the Death of an Animal

There are many perils that can cause the death of livestock. The Ark Agency can offer mortality coverage for many kinds of incidents that can cause a livestock fatality, including fire and lightning and smoke, a collision, an earthquake, an explosion or objects falling from an aircraft. Other types of accidents that can lead to an animal fatality can include animal attacks, a building collapse, animal theft, drowning or an accidental shooting.

Lifestock owners who want to insure their animals should contact the Ark Agency to begin the process. The agency sees each client as unique, so a one-on-one consultation will be part of the process and review of the situation. The agency works with several insurers, and they will examine your specific needs before beginning the application process to ensure you have the right type of coverage at reasonable rates. Your livestock is a very valuable investment, so don’t delay, call for coverage today.


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  1. Dave Anderson

    December 13, 2016 at 1:44 am

    I did not know that there was an insurance available for livestock. I was thinking of taking over my fathers farm and was wondering what happens if an animals dies of natural cause. Now that I know that there is livestock insurance, I feel more comfortable with the idea of taking over his farm.

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