Mommies Talk: How To Tell If Your Yaya / Nanny is a ‘Keeper’

Mommies Talk: How To Tell If Your Yaya / Nanny is a 'Keeper'

Times may be changing, but how mothers value their children remains the same. You naturally want to entrust your precious one to someone who will care for your child in your absence. The first step is finding the right yaya / nanny for your family. Find someone who fits you and your child’s needs. Here are some criteria to keep in mind:

Baby Love. “Number one is that she loves your baby,” says Mommy Bridget Ng-Ting. “You’ll notice this when she is excited to see your baby in the morning (or during turnover), talks and plays with your child, or is extra patient during feedings. My yaya even brings home pasalubong when she arrives from her day-off.”

Pro-Learning. “The thing I appreciate most from my daughter’s yaya is that she plays educational games with my baby,” narrates Mommy Sonee Brizuela. “She reads books to her, and teacher her animal sounds. And she always treats my baby like a ‘grownup’, meaning she doesn’t engage in baby talk.”

Rapport. According to Sievert-Fernandez, “You will need to be sensitive to how your child responds to his yaya. It is one of the most important things to look at. It will tell you how your child feels towards her.” Find out the answers to these questions:

  • Does he have a positive, loving relationship with his yaya?
  • Does he seek her out, trust her, and accept comfort from her?
  • Has his behavior changed since the new yaya came? Has he become aggressive / clingy / reserved?
  • Does he avoid being with her or being left alone with her?
  • Does he hint on some things when you ask him about his yaya? Is he scared of her or does he seem angry with her?

Attention to Detail. Mommy Bridget also values a yaya who “is fully attentive and observant about your child and knows the changes in her routine, bowel movement, every rash, etc.”

Firm Resolve. Rosemond Ruiz, child therapist at the Saint Louis University Child and Youth Wellness Center, reiterates that the first five (5) years are a child’s formative years. “It is important that the yaya practices consistency when dealing with your child.”

How to make sure you hire a good nanny for your child? There’s no hard and fast rule, but Ruiz says, “Being a good judge of character comes with time and experience. It is best to know as much as possible about a person before hiring her.”


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