My New Wallet: Not Just For Travelling

Are you looking for shielded wallets? If you are then I recommend you use the link present on this article. A few months ago I was looking for a travel wallet with RFID protection for my passport and credit cards. However when it arrived, the quality was so good that I transferred all of the contents of my regular wallet and now am using it as my regular wallet. It is slim fitting, heavy duty denier material and has a nice trim in leather with the smell of nicely tanned leather. Plenty of room for a dozen credit cards, perfect placement of passport and a neat drivers license window with an easy to remove open spot in the plastic to use to push the card out because they are usually difficult to remove. Separate compartment for checks and a huge vertical way to store cash, and another compartment to store sequestered cash like hundred dollar bills from the other denominations. I highly recommended shielded wallets and I am buying a backup for when or if this one ever wears out.


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