Summer May Be Over, But There Are Still Reasons To Take A Great Family Vacation

Summer May Be Over, But There Are Still Reasons To Take A Great Family Vacation

Fall and winter are the best times to travel to some exotic locales. If you are used to vacationing at local resorts or popular beaches like everyone else you know, maybe it’s time to do something adventurous.

India, for instance, enjoys a break from heat and humidity during the “off season.” National Geographic says, “India, there’s no place in the world like India. It’s a country that’s also a subcontinent that also sometimes feels like a planet of its own.” And, places like Whitefield Bengaluru have everything the family could want in addition to scores of high tech businesses.

Why Bengaluru?

Bengaluru Whitefield is a great introduction to the Asian subcontinent. Rich with Indian history including signs and symbols of the British Empire, Bengaluru hosts the best of India’s new tech economy.

  • Dialogue in the Dark ™ provides the most unique dining experience. After you enter the restaurant, you find yourself in complete darkness. A blind server escorts you to your seat where you eat in pitch black. Without sight or light, you are left to your other senses to experience the meal in exciting new ways.
  • Mubeena Shariff’s Chocolaterie features chocolates with exotic flavors. You’ll find some with touches of lemon, lavender, passion fruit, flavors native to India’s cuisines. Bonbons and truffles, barks and brownies, Chef Mubeena Shariff brings her French Culinary Academic education to Whitefield Bengaluru.
  • Krishna Rajendra (KR) Market offers you all the colors and fragrances of India. A brightly colored traditional local market with a flower display at the center provides a great photo opportunity. It’s a good place to buy trinkets, souvenirs, or a piece of fresh fruit. Experienced travelers recommend going early before the crowds show up.
  • Ulsoor Lake offers an unusual site and experience in the center of the city. You can rent boats of all sorts to take to the waters. Or, you might sign up for a guided tour of the historical buildings surrounding the lake.
  • The Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield offers international tastes at several restaurants, a full spa, swimming pool, fitness center, and more. The hotel concierge will arrange visits to Bangalore Palace, Tipu Sultan’s Fort and Palace, Nandi Temple, or St. Patrick’s Church. Or, you can ask about the bike and walk sightseeing tours, golf, tennis, and horseback riding opportunities.
  • Cubbon Park takes up 300 acres at the center of Bengaluru. The Dancing Musical Fountains spout along with Indian music. Individual gardens are laid out for their beauty. Stunning colors and symmetrical lines greet visitors, and surrounding the park are the Children’s Library, Art Gallery, Aquarium, and the Tennis Pavilion.

The New York Times recommends a visit because “Bangalore has lots to offer: lush parks and gardens, a remarkably diverse restaurant scene, a raj-era palace and several beautiful churches, temples and mosques, not to mention temperatures in the 70s and 80s year round.” Exotic, fragrant, historic India invites family vacationers to the future of the sub-continent in Whitefield Bangalore.


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