The Different Types Of Howard Miller Designs

The Different Types Of Howard Miller Designs

Howard Miller clocks are some of the most popular timepieces in the world, but even with their bold styles and conscientious construction, lines are drawn concerning where and how they’re used. If you’re thinking of welcoming Howard Miller designs into your home, here are four different kinds worth considering.

1: Grandfather Clocks

Also known as “longcase clocks” or “floor clocks,” grandfather clocks are a classic icon of dusty mansions and grandiose castles. They’ll cost you a pretty penny if you want one for your own dining room, but the good news is that your purchase will be an investment: Grandfather clocks last for decades.

2: Mantel Clocks

Small and neat, mantel clocks can be decorative or subtle. For example, a plain brass mantel clock might sit atop a fireplace practically unnoticed, but a sleek crystal or quartz mantel clock is meant to be admired.

3: Wall Clocks

These hanging clocks often make use of dials, chimes and pendulums to mark the hours as they pass. Cuckoo clocks are the most well-known variety, but they can make any kind of noise or come adorned with any kind of miniature figures.

4: Alarm Clocks

Unlike some of their decorative siblings, alarm clocks are about functionality more than anything else. They always come with numbers, for example, instead of stars or lines or pictures around the rim. Their primary function is time-keeping.

These are just four of the commercially available designs for Howard Miller timepieces. If you’re in the market for a new clock, you might as well buy the best.


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